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NG Festivals Short Story Contest!

Posted by Kekiiro - February 25th, 2023

iu_906081_7748516.webpHiya besties! It’s Kekiiro and @Slimygoo again! We’re back here to remind you all that spring will soon be upon us. With spring comes winds, rain, and other various impending disasters… and, best of all, a very cool and new contest! 

I am announcing the Newgrounds Festivals Short Story Contest! This contest is open to anyone, so you don’t have to be within the festivals server to join. So long as you have a Newgrounds account and can post to the BBS, you’re good. ^-^

To participate, write a story of up to 5,000 words! It can be about almost anything… 

There are a few rules to keep in mind: 

First up, your entry must be completely original. This means you cannot include characters from any pre-existing series that you did not make. For example! Fanfic with your FnF OC or your favorite Doctor Who companion is not a valid entry. As cool and amazing as it may be, I won’t read it.

Second, there is one entry allowed per person. You may collab on a story with someone. However, that counts as one entry for both of you.

Third, all entries must be SFW. This means if you would rate it with an M or above, do not submit it.

Entries are due on the 15th of April. Please post your entry to this Very Cool Thread that I have made! Let us all be together, there.

There are Prizes! Yay!

1st Place - $100

2nd Place - $75

3rd Place - $50

Bonus Prize!

Make Us Cry - $25

This special prize will be awarded to the one who makes me feel the absolute worst. Like when my favorite characters all die. Something like that. This is basically an honorable mention and does not stack.

Thank you to @Cryptospore for contributing $50 to the prize pool! <3

Also! On the 29th of April, we will hold a day to showcase the winners alongside some other stories we enjoyed! The showcase will be streamed on our silly YouTube channel and will also include a special announcement about a certain summer festival… :3c

I look forward to seeing everyone’s entries! Thank you!





Color me intrigued

paint me interested

aaa, i want to participate just to practice writing for once since im scared of it ;v; its gonna be fun

Aa I believe in you!! Writing is kind of scary though yeah ... But fun <3

I'll see what I can do

Okay I'm interested

im terrified of it being showcased AAH
( ☉д⊙) BUT it sounds fun

Finally! Motivations to get off my behind and start writing!

Not very sure if I can participate this to be honest but, can art still do?

You can include an illustration / art piece with your story submission but it won't have much weight in the judging of it. The contest is about writing so that's really what the submission should be. I hope I understood you correctly.

@Kekiiro Ah I see, (at first, I though this was supposed to be a comic making contest but it's not.. ?) but lmao thanks for telling/letting me know :P

sounds funn
HMMMMMmm maybe I’ll make somethin....

Am I allowed to have a link to a Google Doc be my form post for ease of reading if the story ends up on the longer, close to 5,000 words, end of things?

So long as it's accessible/readable I don't see why not. ^-^

@Kekiiro Understood!

Could be fun to do

May I Use The New Grounds Tankman I Got Permission To Use Them From Johnny Utah I Am Thinking About Makeing A Story That Heavyily Involves Them

Hm. This sounds interesting for sure!

This seems like something I can do in my freetime. I'm interested

Question. Would writing something based only on OCs of an already existing series count? To give example, writing something Sonic The Hedgehog based, but only including OCs with no mention of existing characters? Just don't wanna break rules if I do partake

I think that would still constitute itself as fanfic. Now, if you were to have characters that started as OCs to a specific piece of media but have changed over time and are no longer even relevant to it - that would be fine. I hope that makes sense.

I would try to avoid adjacency to sonic at all.

Good luck to all the particiapants!

Surprised I didn't see this earlier. May have to come up with a draft because I'm super intrigued!

Challenge Accepted!

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